Ace Welding & Trailer Co.

“No Job Too Big or Too Small”

Ace Welding &Trailer Company was founded by E. Paul Fisher in 1946.  The company’s original name was Ace Welding & Boiler Works.   At that time Mr. Fisher along with Marvin A. Haas and a hand full of welders worked on various welding jobs throughout South Texas and the San Antonio area.  Boiler maintenance was generally planned for a scheduled shut down on the weekend and the actual work started late Friday afternoon and did not stop until the job was completed.   Sometimes this took until Sunday afternoon depending on the extent of the job.   Mr. Fisher continued investing in equipment and trucks as the company grew.  In the early 1950’s Mr. Fisher hired Carl Rains and shortly thereafter Ace started manufacturing Cattle Trailers and built everything from pup style trailers to double deck and even the Ace triple deck hog trailer.  Ace was growing at a fast pace and Mr. Fisher needed to add employees to accommodate a growing business.  It was during this time that Jesus Zavala, Frank, Ruben and Tony Richter and numerous others were added to Ace’s experienced personnel.  Carl was in charge of running the shop while Marvin took care of the sales, although each could rely on the other when needed.

The company continued to increase in size and profitability during the next decade of the 1960’s. Customers were diverse and ranged from the meat packing plants such as Swift and Roegelein, to commercial laundry plants such as Sunshine & Model Laundry to truck fleets and industrial companies.  During this time, custom built pintle hitch and 5th wheel style trailers also became a much needed commodity and welding jobs ranged from fabricating water tanks for road construction to repairs on paper presses at recycling plants.  Mr. Fisher worked hard to develop working relationships in the San Antonio area, as well as a large portion of South Texas.  He believed that “no job was too big or too small” and that slogan became Ace’s motto.   It was during this decade that the second generation of Haas’s and Richter’s started with the company along with the Villanueva family.  The company became a solid community business where families bonded and worked together.  This loyalty, trust and friendship was instrumental in the success of the business.   Although Ace had some hard times when work slowed due to a sluggish economy, the company’s diverse products and services and the loyal, closely bonded workforce always pulled the Company through.  

During the 1970’s Ace continued to serve the community and enjoyed moderate growth.  It was during this time Carl retired and Marvin, in addition to his sales responsibilities, assumed the management of the 2 shop supervisors, Jesse Zavala and Frank Richter.  During this decade Ace honed all segments of the company and added Heil dump bodies, numerous lift gate lines and other truck equipment items to its product lines.  

Starting in the late 1970’s Marvin sold numerous dump bodies; trailers specially designed to haul Church’s Fried Chicken building modules and dove tail pintle hitch trailers used to haul heavy equipment.  In 1979 Marvin hired Frank Jackel as an apprentice welder and he received excellent training in everything from welding to trailer work by experienced individuals, including Johnny Haas, Marvin’s son, Kenneth Richter, Frank Richter’s son and many others at the company.  

In 1983 the Company was purchased by Anthony Koch, Herbert Koch and Larry Smith from Mr. Fisher.  The new owners changed the name to Ace Welding & Trailer Co. and the company’s growth continued at a steady pace.

In early 2000, management decided that Marvin, who was now part owner and Vice President of the company, needed to start grooming his successor.  Frank Jackel was identified as the perfect candidate for this position and in 2002 the operations of the Company were handed over to Frank, who today is General Manager and Vice President of the Company.  The growth of the company has continued under Frank’s management and the loyalty and family culture still survives under his leadership.  Sadly, Marvin passed away at the age of 87 in January 2013, having worked for over sixty seven years in all capacities with the Company.  

Today, the company is experiencing rapid growth and still believes in its motto that “No Job Too Big or Too Small” for the knowledgeable and capable workforce of Ace Welding and Trailer Co.